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More of soda tricks- solusion for domestic cleaning

Posted by on 3 October 2014 | 0 Comments

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More of soda tricks!

We have promised you more of baking soda, and we've got it! More great tips to use around your home. And so baking soda can be use to:
⦁    remove coffee and tea stains from pots and mugs- mix soda with couple water drops and create paste and brush.
⦁      it will remove ugly smells from fridge-  put tea spoon of soda into the bowl,pour water to dissolve soda and but the bowl into the fridge for couple hours.
⦁        it can remove the smells from food containers- fill the container with very hot water, add a tea spoon of soda and spoon of vinegar and couple drops of detergent, leave for five minutes (for whole night if needed), after that wash container as usually.
⦁    cleaning the tiles - sprinkle the soda over the tiles and scrub it with brush.
⦁    cleaning the shower cabin- scrub it using damp sponge with soda, rinse afterwards.
⦁    cleaning the toilet- sprinkle soda over the toilet and scrub with brush.
⦁    removing the limescale from shower head- put soda (half of glass) into a plastic bag, fill in with glass of vinegar put a shower head into the bag and tie it hard, leave for an hour, rinse the shower head afterwards.
⦁    cleaning the silver- add soda to a damp cloth and wipe.
derust screws- sprinkle soda over the screws and pour vinegar over, when it stops to bubble clean them with brush.
⦁    clean the silver jewellery- make a paste from soda and shampoo, put it on jewellery and wipe it with cloth.
⦁    clean the gold jewellery- sprinkle soda over the jewellery, pour the vinegar over it and rinse under water.
⦁    you can bleach your clothes with it- add half a glass of soda to washing liquid.
⦁    it can be used instead fabric softener- just add half a glass in the washing matching.
⦁    it removes sweat and blood stains- rub the soda paste into and wash as usual.i
⦁    it removes juices and wine stains- sprinkle soda over the stains, and pour the boiling water over.
⦁    it will refresh your carpet- sprinkle soda all over the carpet and leave for the night, vacuum in the morning.
⦁    it will removes an ugly smell from shoes- pour the soda into the shoes for whole night, pour out in the morning.
⦁    It will remove the smells from the sink pipe- pour soda into the pipe and add boiling water.
⦁    it will unblock the pipes-  pour the glass of soda into the outflow,and pour the glass of hot vinegar to it, rinse after couple of minutes with hot water.

As you can read above soda can be used in so many different ways. And it is ecological and cheap way to get your cleaning fast and detergent free. Don't waste the time it cost you less then £1. Worth trying!

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