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Wanted: domestic cleaner!

Posted by on 26 January 2015 | 0 Comments


Wanted: domestic cleaner!
In those hard times when nothing is really granted the most valuable person in Londoners life is... their domestic cleaner. According to Telegraphs article from July 2011 even in hardest time of big recession most of middle class repentants did not resign from luxury of having a maid. In 2011 as stated in customers survey over 6 million families employ the cleaner. More of that it seems like having a professional taking care of our home is more the necessity rather than just a whim.
So why is that? Are they so busy they can't do their own laundry or iron a shirt?
From my own observations it is something more than that. We live in a times where time is money. Working slots expanded from 9-5 often to 8-10. Middle class is busy, hard-working and wealthy enough to include domestic cleaner in their home budgets next to fuel spending or Vet charges.
Also according to article from 2011, people used to be ashamed that someone else is doing their cleaning. When now it is absolutely normal and it's not any shocking revelation. The surprising fact is that the clients of cleaning companies are getting younger. And don't even try to be all judgemental and think about them as lazy generation. It is all because they are so busy during the week - working or studying,that during the weekend the last thing they think about is cleaning. Fair enough. They are earning and they are spending on services, which is pure benefit for the local economy. Above the young professional we have group of the people who worked enough in their life's and want to enjoy themselves on the cleaning-free retirement.
It is worth mention that the domestic cleaner became someone more than just a cleaner. They are more like a part of the family, as they are coming and doing everything as you like. Taking care of the plants, sometimes animals, changing the bed linens adding an extra touch to the interiors. And making house feel like home.
The cleaning business is full of different companies,cleaning agencies and self-employed cleaners and it is fair to say that became  the spine of the economy. So if you want to drive the economy of  your country, and you are tired of dusting,moping and vacuuming employ yourself a domestic cleaner.


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