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Ecological cleaning- Soup Nuts

Posted by on 19 September 2014 | 0 Comments

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Soap Nuts!
Is it possible to wash clothes without making any harm to environment? It is if you use the soap nuts. At least that the eco maniacs are saying.But lets know the magic nuts better. They come from India and Nepal, and they are fruits of sapindus mukorossi. The ability to wash is caused by the saponina, the component of the nuts. Sapomina constitute 13-15% of the nutshell, and its main duty is to protect the tree from mycocis, bacteria and insects. Nuts took directly from the tree can't be used for washing up. The middle have to be removed form the nutshell and nutshell needs to be dried till it turns brown. In the moment you put nutshell into the water sapomina turns into washing up, fragrance free fame. 
Sure, they doesn't look pretty, but it is only the camouflage for their amazing properties.
And so, you can use the soap nuts to:
-wash your entire body and hair- they cure dandruff!.
-they are perfect as shampoo for dogs and cats.
-they are great to use instead washing powder or washing liquid, can be use in every fancy washing machine or during hand wash.
-they can be used as windows and glass cleaner.
-you can clean your gold and silver jewellery with them.
-they will help you fight the insects in your garden.
-they are ECO in 100%. They are produced by nature.
-you can use water after washing to hydrate the plants.
-they are great for people with skin allergies.
After sapomina is removed from nutshells, the nutshells decompose naturally. So they are organic and you can throw them away into compost.
The nutshells are really economical as well, so you can lower your cost of washing the clothes. The 1 kilogram of nutshells is used over a year by family of four, doing laundry 2-3 times a week.
If you decided to use the nutshells instead regular washing up powder/liquid you will safe your money on fabric softeners. Laundry after nutshells wash is soft and fresh, all you need to add is a couple drops of essential oil (soap nuts are fragrance free),just to add a bit of scent.
The cost of 1kg bag is around £8.99 plus £1.79 for essential oil, and that's all! If you are not totally convinced to wash up in nuts, you must be intrigued just a bit. And let's be fair £10 for ecological, organic and economical way to wash your clothes is worth spending and try.

Soap Nuts!

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