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Technological cleaning revolution- cleaner robot

Posted by on 17 September 2014 | 0 Comments

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Technological cleaning revolution

For most of us cleaning is a boring duty, something that we have to do not something that we want to do. If only there could be something that will make this whole process more fun. Oh there is. And it is a perfect solution for people who love tidiness, with small amount of time and a bit gadgets fans.  The answer is a cleaning robot (called also automatic vacuum cleaner or robotic cleaner). Those amazing inventions are now in an attractive price range (from £30 to £500) and available for everybody. 

How does it work? Automatic vacuum was designed as remote control vehicle, fitting with set of detectors and basic logic that helps to stride across the room effectively. The vacuum like this is a robot that move by itself, and his main feature is to find and eliminate the dust and dirt. The power to operate comes from chargeable battery.

The vacuum robot is mostly round device equipped in electrical drive and cleaning system. To move around the house it has to use wheels, but the most important thing is steering system. Robots brain is a set of detectors, which for example prevents the vacuum to fell down the stairs, others prevents it to drive on the wall, they are also finding the dirt.

Detectors are combined by simple algorithm which should move the robot so it clean whole apartment, avoiding the obstacles and get in every angle. The integral part of the robot is charger, it sends over the invisible signal to the robot when the battery needs to be charge.

When the robot is moving his cleaning system works. It is different then ordinary vacuum cleaner. The main feature in robot cleaner is turning brush, which swap the dirt into the internal box. Some models have built in dust filters, which is great for removing allergens from the air. 

Vacuum robot is device that can handle pet hair, sand, gravel and some models can even suck the splits in. It is a great help if you are fighting the allergy, when you have a pet or don't have much time to keep the floors clean.
The mechanism is really simple. It is also easy to use, and all you have to remember about is to empty the litter box when it's full. Simple? Yes. Time saving? Yes. Great design? Yes.  To sum up, excellent device for busy people with excellent taste.

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