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Call Us Today: 020 8341 2789

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Domestic Cleaning in London 

Domestic Cleaning in London, whether you need a domestic cleaner that comes to your home daily, weekly, or even monthly, you can trust the dependable and affordable services of the professionals at MKL Cleaning Services.


We have the most up to date cleaning equipment that is designed to get the job done, quickly and efficiently. Our Cleaning Services in London are top notch, and will leave no traces of end of tenancies, or even traces that workers were even on the premises.We take pride in knowing that our customers are thoroughly satisfied with our professional cleaning services.


Reliability, respect, as well as professionalism is shown to every customer who calls on us for Carpet Cleaning in London. Our staff is trustworthy and efficient. A thorough background check is one of the requirements before we employ them, at MKL Cleaning Services. Our staff can come to your residence and help with washing the pots, ironing, washing, and any other household chore that you may want us to get out of your way. This is, of course, within reason, and falls under the scope of our services duties.


The chemicals that we utilize as part of our Domestic Cleaning are part of the latest and best in the commercial and residential cleaning industry. This will effectively clean your palace with optimal results. You can rest assured knowing that we are professionals in the business that will get the job done right the first time.


We will come to your place and do a general tidy up, mopping, sweeping, hovering, change the bed linens, and cleaning bathrooms. Our Domestic Cleaning in London also includes chores such as polishing, dishwashing, cleaning the appliances, washing windows from inside, ironing, folding clothes, and laundry. Once we assign a domestic cleaner from our company to your residence and you are satisfied with their work habits, that same domestic cleaner is usually scheduled to work at your abode.


However, we occasionally might need to send another one of our professionals as a replacement; this is usually due to the fact of holidays, illness, or a family emergency. Other than that, the same Cleaning will show up at your place, come rain or shine, ready and willing to work. He or she will quickly get busy on attending to the chores that have been assigned to do.

We provide our regular domestic cleaning in London on weekly and fortnightly basis.

  • £14.80 per cleaner per hour  on a weekly and fornightly basis. 

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