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Wanted: domestic cleaner!

Posted by on 26 January 2015 | 0 Comments


Wanted: domestic cleaner!
In those hard times when nothing is really granted the most valuable person in Londoners life is... their domestic cleaner. According to Telegraphs article from July 2011 even in hardest time of big recession most of middle class repentants did not resign from luxury of having a maid. In 2011 as stated in customers survey over 6 million families employ the cleaner. More of that it seems like having a professional taking care of our home is more the necessity rather than just a whim.
So why is that? Are they so busy they can't do their own laundry or iron a shirt?
From my own observations it is something more than that. We live in a times where time is money. Working slots expanded from 9-5 often to 8-10. Middle class is busy, hard-working and wealthy enough to include domestic cleaner in their home budgets next to fuel spending or Vet charges.
Also according to article from 2011, people used to be ashamed that someone else is doing their cleaning. When now it is absolutely normal and it's not any shocking revelation. The surprising fact is that the clients of cleaning companies are getting younger. And don't even try to be all judgemental and think about them as lazy generation. It is all because they are so busy during the week - working or studying,that during the weekend the last thing they think about is cleaning. Fair enough. They are earning and they are spending on services, which is pure benefit for the local economy. Above the young professional we have group of the people who worked enough in their life's and want to enjoy themselves on the cleaning-free retirement.
It is worth mention that the domestic cleaner became someone more than just a cleaner. They are more like a part of the family, as they are coming and doing everything as you like. Taking care of the plants, sometimes animals, changing the bed linens adding an extra touch to the interiors. And making house feel like home.
The cleaning business is full of different companies,cleaning agencies and self-employed cleaners and it is fair to say that became  the spine of the economy. So if you want to drive the economy of  your country, and you are tired of dusting,moping and vacuuming employ yourself a domestic cleaner.


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Domestic Cleaning Tips

Posted by on 3 November 2014 | 0 Comments

Facing the bathroom mess. 
Who among all of us likes to clean? Domestic cleaning can be a pain in the … knee. Cause usually every domestic cleaning ends on the knees. That is why we figured that we will get you a plan. With our plan the domestic cleaning can be fun and quick. As earlier we are bringing you the ecological,economical and simple tips to help you sort that domestic cleaning issues out. First to be cleaned : the bathroom! It is one of the most challenging rooms in whole domestic cleaning procedure. Here are the top twelve, most useful tips.
 1. To whitening the rifts between the tiles, use the ammonia solution or baking powder, simply spread it over the dark spots on the rifts and clean with damp sponge.
2. When cleaning the bathroom,the important thing is to remember about the small bathroom components like hair comb. You will need a shaving foam and water. Spray the foam all over the foam and rinse with water.
3. If you want to prevent your shower cabin from steam stains, simply use the cold water first,and after 2 minutes start using the hot one. 
4. Limescale from tap can be removed by covering it in damp cloth with vinegar. Cover the tap with cloth for min.2hours. After that time, take the cloth off and rinse with water.
5. Limescale in toilet bowl, can be removed by pouring the vinegar for whole night. In the morning wipe the bowl with the dry cloth and rinse with water.
6. If your mirror is steamed, you can clean it by drying it with hot air from a hair dryer.
7. To avoid water resistance on the bathroom mirror, wipe the mirror with damp cloth with couple drops of glycerin. Glycerin will not be visible and will protect the mirror from damp. 
8. If the outflow smells badly, pour the water mixed with borax into it. Leave for a while and done. 
9. Remember to clean and change the shower curtain. Clean it during every domestic cleaning routine.
10. Shower cabin and mirrors can be cleaned using the homemade mixture made from the corn flour and water. Mix it and clean as always with sponge. 
11. Rub the rifts and tiles with the lemon peel, and wipe with the damp cloth.
12. During the domestic cleaning the important thing is to do everything step by step. First thing should always be dusting and vacuuming.You should start with the highest part of the room, and than going down to the floor.
Domestic cleaning is not an easy task. But if you doing it according to plan it can be easier and not much time consuming. For sure if you clean regularly, you don't have to face the limescale drama. So, go and do some serious domestic cleaning using our tips! It will make domestic cleaning so easy.

Facing the bathroom mess. 

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Ecological cleaning- Soup Nuts

Posted by on 19 September 2014 | 0 Comments

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Soap Nuts!
Is it possible to wash clothes without making any harm to environment? It is if you use the soap nuts. At least that the eco maniacs are saying.But lets know the magic nuts better. They come from India and Nepal, and they are fruits of sapindus mukorossi. The ability to wash is caused by the saponina, the component of the nuts. Sapomina constitute 13-15% of the nutshell, and its main duty is to protect the tree from mycocis, bacteria and insects. Nuts took directly from the tree can't be used for washing up. The middle have to be removed form the nutshell and nutshell needs to be dried till it turns brown. In the moment you put nutshell into the water sapomina turns into washing up, fragrance free fame. 
Sure, they doesn't look pretty, but it is only the camouflage for their amazing properties.
And so, you can use the soap nuts to:
-wash your entire body and hair- they cure dandruff!.
-they are perfect as shampoo for dogs and cats.
-they are great to use instead washing powder or washing liquid, can be use in every fancy washing machine or during hand wash.
-they can be used as windows and glass cleaner.
-you can clean your gold and silver jewellery with them.
-they will help you fight the insects in your garden.
-they are ECO in 100%. They are produced by nature.
-you can use water after washing to hydrate the plants.
-they are great for people with skin allergies.
After sapomina is removed from nutshells, the nutshells decompose naturally. So they are organic and you can throw them away into compost.
The nutshells are really economical as well, so you can lower your cost of washing the clothes. The 1 kilogram of nutshells is used over a year by family of four, doing laundry 2-3 times a week.
If you decided to use the nutshells instead regular washing up powder/liquid you will safe your money on fabric softeners. Laundry after nutshells wash is soft and fresh, all you need to add is a couple drops of essential oil (soap nuts are fragrance free),just to add a bit of scent.
The cost of 1kg bag is around £8.99 plus £1.79 for essential oil, and that's all! If you are not totally convinced to wash up in nuts, you must be intrigued just a bit. And let's be fair £10 for ecological, organic and economical way to wash your clothes is worth spending and try.

Soap Nuts!

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Technological cleaning revolution- cleaner robot

Posted by on 17 September 2014 | 0 Comments

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Technological cleaning revolution

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