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Upholstery Cleaning

Two events happened in our lives just over four years ago, in very quick succession. First, we bought a beautiful cream sofa. Then, we welcomed our first baby son into our lives. As you may have guessed, that happy second event had some repercussions for the sofa – but we’ve ended up with the best of both worlds, as we developed a cleaning process that leaves the sofa looking good as new – and it’s one we’re happy to share with you!

Our Seven-Stage Dumfries sofa cleaning process goes as follows:

  1. Pre-Inspection: We look over the sofa to assess the damage. (asses for damage and identify the fabric)
  2. Pre-Vacuuming: We hoover out the sofa in preparation for a deep clean.
  3. Chemical selection and application: We pick the right product for the job.
  4. Chemical agitation: We work the couch cleaning chemical into the fabric and target the key areas.
  5. Extraction: Using hot water, or a low-moisture solution, we rinse the fabric out.
  6. Nap Grooming: We restore the fabric to its former glory (setting the nap is re-setting the direction of the pile a sofa may have, all pile directions are purposely set in a particular direction when the upholstery is manufactured, the pile direction of a sofa is normally in the direction of how someone would sit down into the sofa. The upholstery tool leaves marks or ‘shark teeth’ on the Upholstery, if the nap isn’t reset the tool marks can be be permanent in the fabric but also the nap is left to dry in the wrong direction which can accelerate wear etc.)
  7. Forced Drying: Applying a safe level of heat, we dry the furniture so it’s ready to use (the drying process does not use heat, it uses air movement to dry the fabric with, normally cold air from an ‘air mover’).

A suite in a family home can become the centre of family life, including movie nights, football matches, sleepovers, pillow forts and much more. In those circumstances, it’s not going to emerge spotless every time – and that’s where we come in.

Whatever process is chosen, your suite will be ready for use before we leave your home – regardless, your first seat should be dry by the time we have finished cleaning the last – but the good news is we can have your upholstery back in action even quicker than that.

Our Low Moisture Cleaning process uses advanced encapsulation upholstery cleaning polymers which wrap themselves around dirt and crystalise it (it also works for fixing a carpet). This means we don’t have to use water to rinse the dirt away: hence the name Low Moisture. It’s the ideal system for a busy household that wants the pillow fort built before tea time!