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Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet has been cleaned on a regular basis or has not been cleaned in years, we can restore it to its former glory. We have extensive experience in carpet cleaning, odour control, and even carpet repair, so we can serve as your one-stop-shop for all things carpet-related.

Health benefits of keeping a carpet clean

The addition of carpets and upholstery to your house may bring warmth and a touch of luxury but they also provide the ideal environment for dust mites and allergies to hide and cause health problems for you. Even while the carpeting in your home may appear clean, if it is not cleaned properly, you could be putting your health and the health of your family in danger. By taking the effort to clean your carpets on a regular basis, you will help to create a clean and healthy environment for everyone.

It is high on every mother and father’s priority list if they have young children to ensure that their floors are clean for them to play on. If you vacuumed your carpet and it appeared clean, you would be surprised at how much pollen, dead skin cells, and dust settle on the floors and carpets throughout your home after a single vacuuming. Using a vacuum, you can eliminate the majority of the problem, but there will always be some that remain. All of this residue has the potential to have a negative impact on your child’s health.

Let us do the job for you

Throw away your household carpet cleaner and avoid destroying your carpets with a commercial (supermarket?) carpet cleaner that you rent. Allow us to properly clean the grime from your carpet and upholstery. Professional outcomes are achieved with a seven-stage procedure which we have perfected in our 25 years of carpet cleaning experience.

Carpets operate as a filter for your home, trapping dirt, dust, bacteria, and a variety of other contaminants that can only be removed by a professional carpet cleaning service. A standard wet clean is what most people associate with carpet cleaning; however, even though it is referred to as a wet clean, it is actually referred to as Hot Water Extraction. Not to worry, we don’t leave water in your carpet; instead, we extract it together with the grime, allowing you to dry in as little as 30 minutes! When we leave, we will not leave until you are satisfied that your carpets are clean. We have an Industry Approved method of testing for cleanliness in carpets, which we will never hide from you.

Carpet Repair

When your carpet is damaged, it does not necessarily mean that it needs to be replaced; instead, we can come in and repair it. Aside from being one of the very few technicians in the country qualified and trained in Carpet Repair, we will walk you through every step of the process. This will include everything from cutting out the damage to matching and sealing all seams with a Carpet Inspector approved sealant, all the way to heat seaming and securing the new piece in place with industry-standard seaming tape, among other things. It is not always necessary to use a donor piece of carpet to complete a repair. When it comes to carpet repair, we can re-tuft that cat pull, feather, and trim burn damage, and perform a variety of other services.